“Where’s Dave?”

Hampton by Hilton Sponsorship Campaign

Campaign Concept

To build brand awareness in the UK, Hampton by Hilton partnered with Discovery networks. Our role was to create 6 idents to highlight brand USPs, that were based on the idea of “Real Travel,” a strategy being rolled out by the brand which looked to reflect the real reasons we travel. Our challenge was to create cut through in a croweded category, with a lean budget.

We played on the trend of a 'Bear Grylls' inspired boys trip, where our protagonists dare to live off the land, surviving on no more than their wits. In our case ‘Dave’, the third member of the party has clearly had enough and bailed, checking in to the local Hampton by Hilton and abandoning his fellow intrepid travellers who now spend their time wondering where he went. Each ident subtly demonstrates the benefits of staying at a Hampton by Hilton, whilst of course sticking to sponsorship guidelines.

The campaign was really impactful for the brand in the UK; there was a 37% uplift in brand awareness, 33% increase in CTA amongst the UK TV audience and 84% of those surveyed agreed ‘it made me want to find out more about Hampton by Hilton.’

Producer – Alex Fielding
Director – Steve Lucker
Music & Sound Design – Bleach Productions
Writer – David Fleetwood
DOP – David Mcdowall