Warner Bros.

King Arthur. Opening Credits


To conceive, design and produce the opening credits
and Visual Identity for Guy Ritchie's movie King Arthur.

One of the biggest challenges was that we arrived late to the party.
At the point we were introduced to the process an interim identity
and set of titles had been in circulation for some time and with this
comes a familiarity. It also meant that we had little time to turn
the project around.

Further to this, a big part of the opening sequence had actually
been shot, meaning our titles would have to, in part, work as supers
over picture. This removed a degree of control.

The bigger challenges were to follow since the movie was
to be shown in 3D meaning added complexity and time
in the rendering process.

The concept was fairly straight forward, with the visuals
playing on the forging of hot metals and the King Arthur
logo itself was designed to incorporate the sword.

The visuals relied on heavy 3D and authentic texturing
while fonts were ultimately crafted to fit into
a highly restrictive framework.
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