Hilton Hotels & Resorts

The World is Right Here

TVC written, produced and directed by the team at Slider to help introduce the new global brand strategy to the EMEA market. ‘The World is Right Here’, the new masthead brand platform and campaign tagline, was developed in the US to help put a best foot forward, showcasing the most exciting locations and properties within the portfolio.

The campaign had existed in press, online and outdoor only in the US and the transition to TV had to be done mindfully to avoid a travel brochure execution. The commercial was also written for widely diverse markets from Germany to Saudi Arabia. This meant direction had to be sensitive to cultural diversity.

Shot on Lake Como and the streets of Ljubljana, stylised framing, bold wardrobe and art direction helped bring the romance of travel to life.

Director – Steven Lucker. Producer – Tom Ford. DOP – Marcus Domleo. Project Manager – Charlotte Haslam.
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