Hilton Hotels & Resorts

The World is Right Here

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is the world’s most recognised hotel brand with more than 570 locations across 6 continents.


The European brand team at Hilton Hotels and Resorts partnered
with us to help interpret and bring to life a newly reworked brand
manifesto, conceived in the US.

It was important to adapt this for a wildly diverse marketplace
across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Manifesto was written to encourage travel more broadly, to talk
of the romance of the location, the spectacular life affirming trips we
can make and all the while position Hilton at the heart of this, thus
highlighting the exciting locations across the portfolio.

The successful script spoke of the meaning of time and how when
we travel it seems to matter less, we even lose track of what day it is.

Our protagonists were cast as ‘Mediterranean’, with a timeless look
to remain relatable to multiple markets and our wardrobe worked hard
to pull strong pop colour out throughout, while remaining modest in cut.

Filmed on location at the Hilton Lake Como and combined with street
scenes picked up in Ljubljana, Slovenia due to permit challenges
around the town/lake itself. We were fortunate enough to partner with
the wonderful service company Arkadena in Slovenia who were able
to take care of all our production demands.
Director – Steven Lucker
Producer – Tom Ford
DOP – Marcus Domleo
Project Manager – Charlotte Haslam
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