Sponsorship Idents

Hampton by Hilton is a chain of inexpensive hotels operated by Hilton Worldwide. They have over 2500 hotels across the US but are relatively unknown outside of that territory.


To help build brand awareness across the UK, the brand partnered
with Discovery networks in a sponsorship capacity.
Our role was to create a set of 6 advertising stings that would
run as bumpers into shows across multiple networks
Quest, DMAX, Travel Channel and Discovery.

We wrote the campaign based around the idea of ‘Real Travel’,
a strategy being rolled out by the brand which looked to highlight
the real reasons we travel and the real stories that this shows up.
Our brief was to build awareness primarily using a playful approach.

The challenge was to gain cut through and win favour with a
brand that didn’t have a direct connection to the network
or show content.

We chose to play on the trend of a Bear Grylls inspired boys trip,
where our protagonists dare to live off the land, survive on no
more than their wits. In our case ‘Dave’, the third member of the
party has clearly had enough and bailed, checking in to the local
Hampton by Hilton and abandoning his fellow intrepid travellers
who now spend their time wondering where he went.

This worked particularly well as a way of highlighting the brands
USP’s without using traditional advertising methods prohibited
in sponsorship.

We were able to extend the campaign into multiple, formats using
simpler executions.

The campaign was created on a very tight budget which
meant a small crew and fairly creative solutions to locations.

The Discovery Adventure sponsorship extended to Quest, the largest
channel in Discovery portfolio available on Freeview and DMAX,
a general entertainment channel which focuses on ordinary people
living amazing lives - both part of the Discovery portfolio.

Considering how well the campaign has performed, the sponsorship
has been extended for another year which will also see it live
on Travel Channel.
Producer - Alex Fielding
Director - Steve Lucker
Music & Sound Design - Bleach Productions
Writer - David Fleetwood
DOP - David Mcdowall
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